Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding Hairstyles

One of the most important aspects of a woman’s wedding ensemble is her hair. It’s no secret that all women experience bad hair days and if one of these happens to appear on the day she is set to marry her one and only, it can spell disaster. That’s why it is imperative for any woman planning a walk down the aisle to experiment with wedding hairstyles before the big day arrives. This way she’ll know exactly how she’ll look and there won’t be any surprises.

If you have a regular stylist you visit for cuts and colors he or she should be your choice when it comes to choosing wedding hairstyles. They understand the texture and thickness of your hair and can suggest a style that complements the shape of your face. It’s really important to bring any headpiece, such as a veil or flowers to the stylist so they can incorporate that into the hairstyle.

Starting this a few weeks before the actual day of the ceremony is a good idea. You want to have time to consider the wedding hairstyles they show you and if you aren’t all that fond of them, there will still be ample time to experiment with others. Explain to your stylist any preferences you may have including whether or not you envision your hair upswept or perhaps long and straight.

Extensions can completely change the look of a bride. If you have short hair but have always imagined long locks for your wedding day, consider asking the stylist about clip-in hair extensions. These can be easily added to your existing hair to create luxurious and elegant wedding hairstyles. Many salons sell clip-in hair extensions and if you choose the human hair variety they can actually be colored to a shade very close to your own hue which makes them look even more natural.

Simple, casual weddings often call for a more relaxed style. When a person marries on a beach or in a garden, you’ll sometimes see them choosing a simple dress and suit as opposed to a long, flowing gown and a tuxedo. The wedding hairstyles should also reflect this and in this case the bride may want to handle her hair herself. As long as she leaves herself enough time to apply make-up and dress before the ceremony this can work out well.

The one thing you really don’t want to ever do is try a new style the day of the wedding. This is also the case with coloring your hair. The stress from the big day can actually affect your body chemistry enough to interfere with the coloring process. Instead, plan out your hairstyle for the wedding, days if not weeks, in advance to guarantee you have a good hair day on the most important day of your life.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Dress Designers

When shopping for your wedding dress, you have a huge selection before you in almost any store. I know that there are a lot of practical people like me who do not care who might make our dress as long as it is what we want. On the other hand though, there are those who must have a well known wedding dress designers for theirs. There is really nothing wrong with either preference, but you do have to be practical. You do want to find the dress of your dreams, but can you afford it?

A very good friend of mine had to have a dress made by famous wedding dress designers. When she told me how much money she paid for her dress, I remember feeling faint. I think she paid more for her dress than I paid for my entire wedding. She could afford wedding dress designers however, because her parents are very well off and they paid for everything for her. If you are lucky enough to have this, and your parents are willing, then there should be no reason why you can’t get whatever dress you want.

There are some girls who dream of buying from wedding dress designers, but they should never do more than dream. I have another friend who is not as lucky as the first girl I mentioned, but she felt that she wanted to get something from wedding dress designers from her own wedding. She did what I would never do. She took out a rather sizable loan to pay for the dress. That was five years ago and she is still making very painful payments on a dress that she wore one day.

We all have dreams about our wedding, but reality will smack you in the face after the honeymoon if you are not careful. Though it seems romantic and important before the wedding, when the wedding is over you are left with some great photos, great memories, and a huge bill you have to pay. If you bought a gown done by wedding dress designers, and took out a loan to do so, you are going to regret your decision. There are more important things to spend your money on, but most girls won’t listen. Just think about it. You will do what you want, but at least give yourself one chance to talk yourself out of it. Wedding dress designers make great dresses, but they aren’t the only game in town.

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